Hey there,

I'm Otto.

          You are not going to read one of these 3rd-person bios as I'm writing it myself. Maybe you have recognized that my copywriting is very focused on you. That's because I'm guided by a simple principle: To help people achieve more.

Motion Design is one of the most powerful skills I've mastered in the past ten years. But to be honest, it doesn't matter what techniques I'm using, as long it contributes to a planet in harmony and progress.

7 Insights about me

• Excellent in clarifying complexity
• Bachelor of Arts in Motion Design
• Very strategic and analytical
• People grow with me personally
• No preference on cats or dogs
• Always offline on Sundays
• Running every day for 3.5 years

3 most important values

• Cooperative
• Open-minded
• Committed

The Motion Design Process

Working with these six gates is a condition to produce great results for you.

1. Briefing

• Asking you questions
• Asking you more questions
• Making a recap of your project

2. Script

• Writing what happens in your video
• Reading and testing the script

3. Style

• Defining the look for your video

4. Storyboard

• Defining what happens visually
• Mapping out all key scenes
• Using simple hand drawn sketches

5. Animatic

• See your storyboard as a video
• Testing the timing and rhythm
• Voice Over, Captions, Music (if needed)

6. Finalization

• Final production of all scenes & transitions
• Adaptations (if needed)

Find Answers to your

Do you do custom work?

Absolutely yes. Unique projects deserve custom-made motion design. My personal style is very simplified and if I can't produce the style that supports your project most, I'll collaborate and direct the people who can.

How do you work?

The Motion Design Process is a condition to work together. The six gates make sure that we get on the same page and you receive the best results.

How much does great motion design cost?

It depends on the value it creates for you. Imagine you really struggle to visualize your idea to get an investment, and the motion design helps you get these, let's say 5 million you need—how much are you willing to pay for the motion design?

When it comes to costs, the simple answer is CHF 1280 net. per day when you hire me as a freelancer. In some cases, customers are happy to add some percentages of the value it creates for them. Most projects take between 3 and 20 days of work (CHF 4k — 25k). However, before we start, we are going to define the budget range for your project so that the work gives you a return on your invest.

Are you accepting new projects?

I'm always open to hear about new project opportunities, especially when they contribute to a planet in harmony and progress.

Where are you located?

Currently, I'm in Zurich Switzerland, but we can work remotely.

Where can I reach out to you?

Email is best. Normally, you'll receive an answer within 48 hrs.

What are you currently working on?

Currently I'm helping to develop an internal motion design department at Swiss Re for two days per week. Next to that, I'm an OKRs-Coach at OnSaPa™, helping others develop their businesses. It all comes down to be a time management ninja, so feel free to reach out if you have a project you want to achieve more with.

          Hey you! Could you find what you were looking for? Or is there something you want to talk about? Are you just procrastinating from doing work you don't like? I know, it's sometimes hard to focus on the things that matter, especially when our attention is hooked by great design.

Whoever you are, chances are high that you, your boss, your friend, or friend-friend is working on a really important project, but they have a hard time to captivate their audience. If this is the case, connect us via email now and earn some karma points for doing so ;)


10k+ hours as Motion Designer
1200+ Everyday creative posts
Always offline on Sundays

Guiding principle

To help people create a planet in harmony and progress.

Ready to achieve more?