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Ottinzky™  Motion Designer

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          Imagine you are standing in an arena full of potential customers. How many of those 90'000+ people would you hook with your project immediately? Can you say how you benefit them in a simple sentence? If so, send me your elevator pitch. I'm wondering if you can.

But if you struggle to communicate clearly, don't worry. Many business owners, project leaders and people who want to make their desired impact share a common threat: They try to say too many great things. Bringing all these things on screen is an absolute waste of your money: And most new motion designers do that. They love how graphics move but forget to work on what matters most: Your desired impact.

Now here comes the good news! If we work together, we will use the motion design process to get there. It's a step-by-step approach to delivering an excellent motion design video for you, and on top of that, you will improve at captivating people with your project.

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